Simplicity 2 Theme Not Displaying Correctly

Some users have published their website with the new Simplicity 2 theme, after which their website is blank or shows a '404 Website Not Found' message.

The following steps should fix this for most users:

1. Publish your website using an older theme (anything except Simplicity 2).
2. Check on the app's Publish screen that the date/time of last publishing are up-to-date, ie that the publishing was successful.
3. Delete Simpl app from your iPhone/iPad.
Note: A warning will appear indicating that you will be deleting the app and its data, but continue and delete anyway. It is safe to do this because you have done Step 1, which has stored your information on our Cloud server.
4. Download a fresh copy of Simpl from the App Store
5. Open the app. When prompted choose 'Yes' I have an existing website and login
6. Switch to Simplicity 2 theme and republish your website

If you continue to experience difficulties, please submit a help request.

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