Website Deletion FAQs

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What is happening and when?
Starting 5th Sept 2016, Simpl will delete all older, unused websites (websites without a paid subscription) from its Cloud server. For newer users, Simpl will store non-subscribed websites for up to 3 months only from the date a free trial begins.

Why is Simpl doing this?
Simpl is growing rapidly - 6x faster than at the start of the year. Our newest features including full-screen photo galleries are proving extremely popular. We therefore need to manage our server space by deleting old and unused website files.

I am a customer, do I need to do anything?
You are not affected and you don't need to do anything.

I am on the 30 day free trial, do I need to do anything?
You are not affected and you don't need to do anything. However to keep your website live after 30 days, you'll need to take out a monthly or annual subscription, exactly the same way as prior to this change.

My free trial has expired, do I need to do anything?
You are largely unaffected. Free trial websites with no paid subscription from now on will be deleted from our server 3 months after they were first created. However, your website content remains in the app on your device. To republish your website, simply take out a monthly or annual subscription and republish your website content.

Will I lose my photos, text, videos and other website data?
Website content will be deleted for non-paying users after 3 months. However you won't lose your data as long as you don't delete Simpl app from your device. So, our advice to all users is, don't delete the app.

What's the difference between the 30 day free trial and the 3 month time limit on storing website data?
After your free 30 day trial, your website will not be live if you do not have a subscription. However, your website content will still be stored on our server for another 2 months. This makes it easy to reactivate your website even if your free trial has ended. After that extra 2 month period (ie 3 months after your free trial started), your website content will be deleted from our server. However even after that, it is still stored in Simpl app, as long as you don't delete the app from your device.

Is there anything else I need to know?
You may like to know that Simpl completely upgraded its server in Feb 2016. It is now bigger, faster and more secure than ever. We backup all data on the server regularly, and are fully committed to safeguarding your digital data as robustly as possible.


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